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Frequently Asked Questions at
  We continue to improve our site to make things easier and more welcoming for our swinging friends - or those who just fancy a sneaky private meet with a like minded person.
Please find below a list of the most frequently asked questions to our Admin team, if you still cannot find the answer you are looking for or want something else added here then drop us an email.

Question 1: Why can we only search males - we are a couple looking for other couples / females. View Answer
Question 2: We are being messaged by single Males - how can I stop them finding us? View Answer
Question 3: Can our Club be included in your Clubs section? View Answer
Question 4: How will the transaction for Genuine Meets appear on my Bill? View Answer
Question 5: How does Genuine Meets work? View Answer
Question 6: We will be available tomorrow for fun, how can I let others know? View Answer
Question 7: I am single and half the site doesnt work, whats wrong? View Answer

Answer 1: To stop the site being filled with false profiles - with singles pretending to be couples, we have introduced a unique feature wereby couples MUST send a picture of themselves and their username on a piece of paper WITHIN the picture to Admin. Or post the picture on their profile and inform Admin this has been done. Your account will then be released to search for all types.
Answer 2: If you are a couple then within 'My Profile' there is a menu option on the left hand side 'Search me options'. From here you can select to block all singles, just male singles, just female singles or to allow all members to search.
Answer 3: Of course it can! Just send us your details and we will add you FOR FREE. We just ask that if you have the space on your website that you can link back to us.
Answer 4: Our payment processor is Zombaio - and all billing will discretely appear from There will be no reference to Genuine Meets.
Answer 5: We have put together a dedicated page that describes the different levels of membership and what you can and cannot do. Please click Here.
Answer 6: Within your profile, under the menu on the left, there is an option for 'Meet Today'. Turn this option on and select your date range of when you are available. Your search results will then display to other users that you are ready for some fun.
Answer 7: Genuine Meets is free for Couples to use, but to stop the site being filled with horny singles we ask a small registration fee for singles to use the site. Couple profiles can only search for 'Males' until they have had their photo Admin verified (see FAQ 1). When you try to use a part of the site (as a single) that is restricted you are diverted to our account upgrade page. This can also be reached via your 'My Profile' page on the left menu.

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